EMDR Therapy for Grief & Loss

grief and loss counseling

Emilia has been using EMDR therapy to support people through grief and loss since 2017 with a specialization in treating perinatal trauma and infant loss. EMDR has proven to be very effective with rapid results and positive outcomes. For this reason, EMDR is one of Emilia’s primary therapeutic interventions for treating trauma due to grief and loss.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of therapy used to help people process through emotional pain.  This unique therapeutic approach helps individuals dissociate distress from memories of traumatic events. EMDR has been utilized to relieve individuals with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other complicated types of grief.

When doing work with grief, EMDR helps to specifically target the loss, whether it is a recent tragedy or the wound of an old loss that has been unprocessed for years. It also helps integrate all the normal feelings and emotions associated with grief allowing for a more natural process of integration to occur. When we integrate this loss, we honor it, and acknowledge that it also means we have the capacity to love deeply.