Simple Heart Meditation during times of distress

Simple Heart Meditation for Stress

Here is a simple yet powerful heart centered exercise to practice when your heart feels a bit heavy from all the emotional pain, anger, grief, and injustices around us. It only takes a few minutes and it’s a nice way of maintaining emotional wellness in the midst of chronic stress.

•Go to your favorite place outside in nature, preferably somewhere quiet and private
•Gently put your hands on your heart and begin to notice your breath and the beats of your heart
•Visualize a beam of light radiate from your heart, this rose colored light is filled with your hearts core energy which is nothing but pure unconditional love
•Take three deep breaths with your hands still on your heart, breathing in forgiveness, love, and gratitude.
•Now take your hands and place them on the earth underneath your feet could be soil, grass, or a tree, even water from a stream or the ocean (the earth and its elements naturally and beautifully absorbs our unneeded energy and transforms it into what is needed for us at that moment)
•With good intention and respect offer the heaviness you have been carrying in your heart to mother earth, let her nourish your soul and ground you to your safe space, let her wisdom guide you to your healing path……this medicine is inside of you!

We have the power and choice to accept only that which serves our heart, mind, and spirit, and let go of everything else that does not.

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