Meet the Corazón Team

Our offerings come from a place of love and liberation knowing that healing only takes place when we address the whole person and their environment. We understand how current social systems negatively impact the wellbeing of our communities, especially mothers. We are committed to facilitate not only from a culturally centered and trauma informed place but utilize liberatory and decolonial frameworks that serve as the basis of all our services at Corazon Counseling.

Our expertise includes working with Pregnant and Postpartum Families, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Spanish speaking immigrant families, Birth workers, and Reproductive Rights Activists.



Founder & Clinical Director

My holistic approach to healing addresses the whole person mind, body, heart, and spirit. I offer a safe space to grieve, feel, and heal. My therapeutic work incorporates various traditional indigenous wisdom, and eastern wellness teachings along with evidence based psychotherapy techniques such as CBT and EMDR.

In addition, I bring a social justice framework into my healing practice addressing the historical trauma many have experienced due to the social, cultural, and political inequalities that to this day continue to negatively affect the mental and emotional wellness of families and communities.


I also provide 1:1 coaching services, online group coaching, and retreats for mental health practitioners through my other practice: Yollotl Coaching.

Ticitl Yollotl Wellness Collective

Maru Serricchio



I am a licensed marital and family therapist, board certified art therapist and AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and growing up in Mexico City, I have a diverse background and use a multi-systemic lens throughout all my professional roles. Currently I am focused on my PhD in International Psychology, with a concentration in Organization and Systems, at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. After working in various community agencies, in Los Angeles and Portland, with children, teenagers and families, in 2013 I began my art therapy private practice.  I worked with couples and families experiencing loss and grief, LGBTQI+, Intimate Partner Violence and immigration issues and dynamics. I use mindfulness in my practice as a way to enhance learning, self-care and guide others to meet their full potential.


Veronica San Juan




My name is Veronica San Juan and I believe that everyone we meet is unique and that each of us have a unique story. My approach to therapy is customized and individualized to your unique experiences and values. I strive to integrate the mind, body, and spirit to create a sense of wellbeing, harmony, and quality of life. It will be my honor to walk your journey of growth and healing with you.

My goal as a therapist is to provide the tools and strategies to help my clients heal and move forward in life independently, to assist in identifying what the heart of the issue is, to restore equilibrium and harmony within the family system. I am passionate about working with families and individuals in low socioeconomic and high risk environments. I particularly enjoy helping blended families and resolving relational conflicts.
Since graduating from Brandman University in 2010, I have gained extensive experience in mental health. I specialize in grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, addiction, and anxiety. I am proud to offer my services in Spanish as well.

Contact Veronica directly at and/or (951) 289-0092.

CarlosLamadrid_002 (2)


LCSW, Director 4 Winds Cultural Counseling


Carlos Lamadrid (Yaqui, Chiricahua Apache, Mexica) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker  with over 16 years of clinical experience. Carlos is most proud of being able to reconnect to his Native American and Indigenous ancestry. Today he follows a cultural way of life and the traditional teachings of the medicine wheel under the guidance of his elders.

Carlos is a White Bison facilitator of the Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps and the Mending Broken Hearts: Native American Grief Recovery Workshop.

4 Winds Cultural Counseling & Wellness Center offers healing centered therapeutic services encompassing the whole person. Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual symptoms are all part of our human experience. We walk with you on your healing journey. We envision the opportunity to share cultural and spiritual practices with our community members by offering a sacred therapeutic space to go beyond sobriety and recovery and into culturally based healing and wellness.

We currently offer Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling Services in person and with the availability of Telehealth via a secure and confidential online portal.

Sliding Fee Scale is available upon request. Servicios disponibles en Español.

Contact Carlos at (951) 458-6932 and

Visit his website by clicking here

Facilitators & Educators

Deidre Coutsoumpos



Deidre Coutsoumpos, amongst many things, is a training facilitator for Birthing From Within (BFW).  Over the last 13 years, Deidre's passion and drive has expanded from supporting birthing families to mentoring novice doulas and seasoned birth workers, alike, especially, in light of the ongoing crisis with birth inequities. When she isn't teaching prenatal classes or running postpartum support groups, Deidre is exploring nature with her three kiddos, finding mental, emotional and physical flexibility on her yoga mat, or editing or recording her podcast, "The Queen Team". In addition to being a trained birth, postpartum and breastfeeding professional, Deidre holds a bachelor's degree in communication and Spanish studies. 

Kathie Neff Childbirth Educator



It is a great privilege to join the efforts Corazon Counseling on behalf of birthing parents in the Inland Empire! I am honored to offer childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, Birth Story Listening, and a variety of Birthing From Within inspired opportunities at the Tibbets location, new home for Birthing From Within, Inland Empire.





Hello family! I am a Xicana native from California. My ancestors come from what is today Southern California and Jalisco, Mexico. I was raised in the Inland Empire but have deep roots in the Bay Area and Northern California. I am a mama, birth worker, DIY media maker, educator & community organizer. My work is grounded in Xicanisma, environmentalism and grassroots organizing. Feel free to check out my work on Facebook and/or Instagram

Emma Parada




Emma is a Xicana dedicated to women's healing and empowerment. She creates a safe space for women to reclaim their own self love and guerrera spirit for self care.

She is familiar with intergenerational trauma and in healing her own childhood wounds she felt personal liberation. She understands the mother and daughter wound and through healing from it she was able to find compassion for herself and others. Emma recognizes how emotions are stored in our bodies, and understands the body, mind, spirit connection. She is very passionate about creating community for women and knows that when women are seen and heard they heal.

Emma holds women circles and workshops through ceremony and ritual. She is a 200 hr- yoga teacher, meditation guide, and reiki practitioner. As a wife and devoted mama of two she believes in the power of healing 7 generations before us and 7 generations after. Follow her @emma_parada