Group Classes at Corazón

Join our compassionate and trained facilitators in various monthly & on-going group classes, all based on empowerment and healing. All are welcome. See below for dates and registration details.

Monthly Women's Circle

Come gather in circle with other women for inspiration and encouragement. The intention for this circle is to find ease, replenishment, and safety in a community with other women. This will be a restorative gathering to connect to your feminine wisdom and take on a new sense of empowerment. If you are feeling depleted and need some inspiration, this gathering is for you.

This group is facilitated by Emma Parada. Join Emma, long time facilitator of Corazon Counseling's Motherhood Circles and Women's Empowerment Circles.

Reiki Sessions with Emma Parada

Join Emma Parada for in-person Reiki sessions every Friday from 10am-5pm at the Corazon Counseling office located at 3742 Tibbetts Street Suite #201 Riverside, Ca 92506

For any questions, please email Emma at

Reiki healing treatments restore balance, increase overall well being, induce relaxation, promote mental clarity, decrease feelings of pain, stress, fear, and anxiety.

Each reiki healing session is 45 minutes and is personalized and intuitively guided to support you in getting back into alignment. All sessions vary and include the use of essential oils and crystals for chakra clearing and well-being.

Emma is Reiki initiated by Ahlea Khadro. She is 11th in line of intuitive lineage from Dr. Mikao Usui, father and founder of traditional Reiki technique. Emma is also a Women's Coach, and holds women circles and workshops through ceremony and ritual.

Emma Parada is a Xicana dedicated to women's healing and empowerment. She creates a safe space for women to reclaim their own self love and guerrera spirit for self care. She is a 200 hr- yoga teacher, meditation guide, and reiki practitioner. As a devoted mama of two she believes in the power of healing 7 generations before us and 7 generations after. Learn more @emma_parada

Tecito Con Grief

Join Emilia Ortega-Jara for this free monthly virtual support group. Tecito Con Grief is a safer space for the grieving corazon. 

Held on Zoom every last Wednesday of the month from 7pm- 8:30pm PST.

Please click the link below to register and check out future dates.

Moving Through Change

Join your facilitator, Anali, as we ride the waves of grief and together in community & movement transform our pain and loss into possibilities.

This is a friendly beginners yoga class open to everyone who is currently going through pain due to a loss of self-identity, major life change, or bereavement of any kind. Through movement we can let go of what no longer serves us and make space for light, courage, and peace.

This class is donation based without a scale. You give what you can when you can.

Moving Through Change will be hosted every Tuesday at 7 PM at Corazón Counseling. Please bring an open heart, a mat (if available), a blanket, and comfortable clothes that will allow movement.

Space is limited. Please register in advance at the link below.

Mindful Mothering Support Circle

Join us in the only mindful parenting support group in Riverside, hosted by Eva Amezola in-person every third Wednesday of the month at Corazón Counseling from 7 PM - 8:15 PM.

This monthly support circle is a safe space to connect with other mothers and give and receive support from others who are navigating the ups and downs of parenthood. We will explore different ways mindfulness can help you re-frame parenting challenges. Learn more about this offering at @elarboldevidaeva.

Space is limited, so please register in advance. Please click on the link below to register for future dates.

Spring Season Grief Tending Nature Walk

Join Emilia Ortega-Jara on a grief tending nature walk at UCR Botanic Gardens at 8:30 am on Sunday, April 21st.

This gathering is for grieving hearts who need a space to process the collective grief we are experiencing while also tending to personal loss.

With support from Mother Earth and her elements, we will practice alchemizing our grief into liberation for not only ourselves but for the collective.

Please click the link below to join us.

Healing the Healer Workshop

On Sunday, May 5th, join us for the Healing the Healer Workshop, facilitated by Claudia Melo, founder of @LunaNuevaHolisticTherapy and @BotanicaMelo.

As therapists and wellness providers, you may often find yourselves navigating through the complexities of others' pain and trauma, yet inadvertently sidelining your own. This workshop offers a sanctuary for you to confront and address the unique challenges you face.

In the nurturing ambiance among fellow healers, immerse yourself in a series of transformative exercises designed to guide you back to your essence.

Please click the link below to join us.

Tending To My Grieving Corazón Retreat

On Sunday, May 19th, the Tending To My Grief Retreat facilitated by Emilia Ortega-Jara is intended to be an intentional and ceremonial grief space to honor and hold our hearts as we grieve the loss of a parental figure in our lives. This will be a communal ritual practice of grieving together.

The retreat will include a grief altar & grief ritual, a talking circle, mindfulness practices, breathwork, restorative movement, art creation, community connection, a retreat gift bag, and refreshments.

Please click the link below to join us.