Counseling for Therapists & Healers

Emilia-Ortega-Jara LCSW

Therapists and Healers need Therapy and Healing too!

Our work is too sacred to not care for our mental and emotional wellbeing. We are holding space for others during their most vulnerable times

We often actually need more support than others given the nature of our profession, it places us at higher risk for emotional distress.

We are not immune to stress, worry, or grief, the heaviness of our day-to-day interactions in holding space for individuals’ distress and despair, in addition to the pressures of our legal and ethical obligations.

The isolation of our profession, especially if we are in private practice, can contribute to rapid burnout and emotional distress and professional strain.

Let me support you through this journey, believe me, I know this journey all too well. I bring in 25 plus years of experience in supporting others mental and emotional wellbeing. Been in the trenches of toxic work environments and have lived my share of grief and loss.

Let me help you remember your heart song, restore your joy, and ensure that your healing work is sustainable and transformative moving forward.

I invite you to be courageously vulnerable, don’t need to sacrifice your needs to be a good therapist, that narrative does not serve anyone. Therapist and Healers you deserve to be held and supported too!