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Stepping Into Your Divine Power: 12- Week Women's Empowerment Circle



This fall, you are invited to gather in a 12-week circle series  where we will be embodying self love, healing, and wholeness. In this pathway of empowerment, we will intentionally slow down in ritual to harness our passions, to take up space, and let go of scarcity and limiting beliefs. Through an empowering supportive sisterhood community and intimate weekly gathering, we will let go of perfectionism and reclaim our wholeness. This will be an opportunity to remember your innate wisdom as a woman.

We will also explore establishing boundaries, birthing your vision, and tapping into your warrior spirit for purpose.

Emma Parada is a Xicana dedicated to women's healing and empowerment. She creates a safe space for women to reclaim their own self love and guerrera spirit for self care. Emma holds women circles and workshops through ceremony and ritual. She is a 200 hr- yoga teacher, meditation guide, and reiki practitioner. As a wife and devoted mama of two she believes in the power of healing 7 generations before us and 7 generations after. Learn more @emma_parada

Remembering Our Medicine & Honoring the Elements Within: Full Series*



In May we gathered for La Cultura Cura Series, where we shared space with 7 powerful individuals -- community leaders, healers and artists-- who each spoke on the importance of remembering tradition. 

We are happy to say that Corazón Counseling will resume offering our virtual community pláticas for this Fall season. We continue remembering our ancestral wisdom, reviving our indigenous traditions, restoring our sacredness and connecting to the elements Fire, Earth, Water, Air. Through the teachings of the four directions and the elements we begin to heal generational wounds not just for ourselves but for the next 7 generations to come.

Individual pláticas may be purchased below.

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Remembering Our Medicine & Honoring the Elements Within con Maestro Jerry Tello


Join us for the first plática in our Fall series: Remembering Our Medicine & Honoring the Elements Within. We are honored to have Maestro Jerry Tello as our first guest for the series.

Over the last 40 years, Maestro Jerry Tello has dedicated himself to the service of individuals, families, communities. He has done so by speaking to over half of a million people, and training thousands of service providers across the nation.

Mr. Tello is considered an international expert in the areas of: transformational healing, men and boys of color, racial justice, and community peace and mobilization.

He is co-founder of the National Compadres Network and is currently Director of Training and Capacity Building. He has authored numerous articles, videos, and curricula addressing fatherhood, youth “rites of passage,” culturally-based family strengthening, and healing the healer. He is the author of Recovering Your Sacredness, A Father’s Love, a series of children’s books, co-editor of Family Violence and Men of Color, has served as a principal consultant for Scholastic Books on International Bilingual Literacy curriculum, and has published a series of motivational health and healing CDs.

Remembering Our Medicine & Honoring the Elements Within with Alex Purple Liera


On Wednesday October 21st we will meet with Alex Purple Liera to honor the direction of the East and the element of Fire. Alex is the founder of the @wocsistercollective_ and organizer with the East Side Café in Los Angeles.

Alex will guide us in finding the fire medicine within each of us through a meditative experience of the spirit.

Alex Purple Liera is an educator, activist, and healer. She is a firekeeper at an all Womxn’s lodge, facilitates Womxn’s healing circles, and is a community organizer at Eastside Café.

She is the founder of the WOC Sister Collective. The collective offers a wide variety of WOC focused events, circles, and workshops that educate, motivate, and empower womxn in our community.

Remembering Our Medicine & Honoring the Elements Within with Berenice Dimas


On Wednesday October 28th we will meet with Berenice Dimas to honor the direction of the West and the element of Earth. Berenice is the founder of @hoodherbalism and creative behind @brujatip.

In this interactive workshop, Berenice will share about the importance of herbal medicine during these times. We will discuss different ways to support the immune system and learn how to make simple herbal remedies at home.

Berenice Dimas is a queer community based herbalist whose work encourages people to (re)connect with plants, the land and their own ancestral traditions. Berenice is the founder of Hood Herbalism, a community based herbal education project. Find out more about Berenice's work by visiting her website and her IG page @hoodherbalism

Remembering Our Medicine & Honoring the Elements Within with Dra. Dulce Lopez


On Wednesday November 11th we will meet with Doctora Dulce Lopez to honor the direction of the South and the element of Water.

In METAMORFOSIS: the Transformative Power of Water/La Agua and the Direction of the South/El Sur, Dra. Lopez will guide us in a communion with La Agua/Water, the sacred direction of El Sur/the South and the Power and Love we can harness within. Water represents: Life, Cleansing, movement/flow, and birth/rebirth. The Direction of the South represents: Passion, Inner Spark of Life (our birth right), Youthfulness and Manifestation.

Dulce Lopez, Psy.D., a first generation Mexican-American, is a Licensed Psychologist whose life’s purpose has been to empower individuals to transform thru Love.

Often referred to as Doctora Corazon (Doctor of the Heart), Dr. Lopez has been a practicing clinician for over 14 years in California. She is a motivational speaker and facilitator, speaking regularly on the subjects of Love and Transformation. METAMORFOSIS and LOVE 101 are her two core programs designed for individuals as tools of self-discovery toward harnessing their inner Love and personal Power.

Dr. Lopez studied and worked in London, Mexico City, and Chennai, India. The enriching experiences abroad shaped her life’s journey and helped her to uncover her life’s mission. As such, she went on to receive her doctorate in psychology from Alliant International University, Irvine. She currently works for Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services as a bilingual-Clinical Review Specialist. Dr. Lopez resides with her husband, a Social Worker, her son and daughter in San Leandro, California. Follow her work by clicking here.

Remembering Our Medicine & Honoring the Elements Within with Jose Yogi Augie Aguilera


On Wednesday November 18th we will meet with Jose to honor the direction of the North and the element of Air.

Jose Yogie Augie Aguilera will guide us in finding the air medicine within each of us through breath work and mindful exercise to help clear the mind and return to our innate wisdom.

Yogi Augie was born and raised in Salinas, California as the youngest child of farm working parents who immigrated from Michoacán Mexico. Yogi Augie was raised in a family who practiced the ancient healing art of “Curanderismo” where his mom, aunts and sister used the medicine plants and prayer to help people in their community.  Yogi Augie has a degree in Human Communication and has earned several yoga certifications.  Yogi Augie has spent the last 25 years working as a counselor in higher education, non-profits and mental health wellness institutions in Monterey, San Francisco and Riverside, California.

Yogi Augie has helped his community as a healer for the past 10 years through a private practice where he combines several modalities of healing.  In his private practice, Yogi Augie offers guidance as a vessel from a spirit guide who has one of the highest vibrations of love and through angel card readings.  Yogi Augie also walks people who seek help through powerful healing meditations to remove toxic energy from their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies caused by past trauma.  Yogi Augie focuses on helping those that struggle with depression and anxiety and created a beginner’s yoga sequence aimed at reducing symptoms of anxiety.  Yogi Augie also teaches Raja Yoga or what some refer to as Ashtanga Yoga or the Eight Steps of Yoga.

Perinatal Mental Health Course for Birth Workers

This Perinatal Mental Health & Emotional Wellness training highlights the importance of Allied Birth Professionals in preventing & decreasing perinatal mood & anxiety disorders, in addition to supporting parents struggling with perinatal loss & emotional birth trauma.


Through Ritual and Ceremony, role plays, small group discussions and presentations & through personal reflections, our advanced Trauma-Informed Training ensures birth workers are well prepared to provide families with wrap-around support during pregnancy, labor, postpartum, & early parenting. We also dedicate time to developing self -care & community care strategies to prevent burn out.

  • Recommended for Professionals with experience of 2 or more years in the field of Perinatal Health (Pregnancy, birth, Postpartum)
  • This training course is approved as an Advanced Course for Affiliated Professionals Required for the Postpartum Support International Certification in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C).

Host A Community Workshop

Our team members are available to speak and facilitate workshops for your next training, conference, and or staff meeting.


  • Heal the Healer: Self Compassion and Self Care for the helping professional
  • Maternal Mental Health-Therapeutic Interventions
  • Holistic Mental Health Practices in Latino/Chicano Community
  • Adolescent girls: My Sacred Moon Time (menarche)
  • Healing the activists heart: addressing vicarious trauma among social justice organizers/activists, and social workers
  • Intergenerational trauma and its impact on the next 7 generations
Corazon Counseling Team


Rites of Passage such as menarche/puberty, marriage, and pregnancy/birth are sacred moments in a women’s life that deserve to be celebrated and honored in a special way. Let me help you bring ritual and ceremony to yours.

I gather the wisdom of my indigenous ancestral knowledge, the teachings of my grandmothers and traditional elders who have passed on these beautiful ceremonies, respectfully with their blessing I share these teachings in a good way.

Let’s create a beautiful rite of passage ritual for you or a loved one. We could work together and co-facilitate or I could plan and facilitate the ritual with your guidance. Contact me to further discuss the details.

Let us help you with...

  • First Moon (girls coming of age)
  • Bridal Blessing (preparation for marriage)
  • Mother Blessing (preparation for motherhood)
  • Moon Pause (preparation for menopause)