Trainings & Workshops for Mental Health

Practicas Ancestrales de Postparto: 4 de agosto -25 de agosoto

Tenemos unas hermosas presentadoras invitadas para facilitar esta serie con sus enseñanzas. Corazon Counseling quiere seguir destacando el tema de “La Cultura Cura.” Nuestras enseñanzas Indígenas son la medicina, nuestras prácticas ancestrales son prevención e intervenciones para nuestro bienestar mental y emocional. Tenga en cuenta que esta serie se impartirá solo en español.


Únase a nosotros durante cuatro semanas de enseñanzas ancestrales. Escucharemos a Berenice Dimas sobre plantas y remedios para postparto; @yohualitztli_ticitl sobre pilmama cargando nuestros bebes y Miriam Torres y Jacqueline Diaz sobre la placenta, calditos y la cuarentena.

Perinatal Mental Health Course for Birth Workers

This Perinatal Mental Health & Emotional Wellness training highlights the importance of Allied Birth Professionals in preventing & decreasing perinatal mood & anxiety disorders, in addition to supporting parents struggling with perinatal loss & emotional birth trauma.


Through Ritual and Ceremony, role plays, small group discussions and presentations & through personal reflections, our advanced Trauma-Informed Training ensures birth workers are well prepared to provide families with wrap-around support during pregnancy, labor, postpartum, & early parenting. We also dedicate time to developing self -care & community care strategies to prevent burn out.

  • Recommended for Professionals with experience of 2 or more years in the field of Perinatal Health (Pregnancy, birth, Postpartum)
  • This training course is approved as an Advanced Course for Affiliated Professionals Required for the Postpartum Support International Certification in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C).

Host A Community Workshop

Our team members are available to speak and facilitate workshops for your next training, conference, and or staff meeting.


  • Heal the Healer: Self Compassion and Self Care for the helping professional
  • Maternal Mental Health-Therapeutic Interventions
  • Holistic Mental Health Practices in Latino/Chicano Community
  • Adolescent girls: My Sacred Moon Time (menarche)
  • Healing the activists heart: addressing vicarious trauma among social justice organizers/activists, and social workers
  • Intergenerational trauma and its impact on the next 7 generations


Rites of Passage such as menarche/puberty, marriage, and pregnancy/birth are sacred moments in a women’s life that deserve to be celebrated and honored in a special way. Let me help you bring ritual and ceremony to yours.

I gather the wisdom of my indigenous ancestral knowledge, the teachings of my grandmothers and traditional elders who have passed on these beautiful ceremonies, respectfully with their blessing I share these teachings in a good way.

Let’s create a beautiful rite of passage ritual for you or a loved one. We could work together and co-facilitate or I could plan and facilitate the ritual with your guidance. Contact me to further discuss the details.

Let us help you with...

  • First Moon (girls coming of age)
  • Bridal Blessing (preparation for marriage)
  • Mother Blessing (preparation for motherhood)
  • Moon Pause (preparation for menopause)