Transformative Care Practices for Mental Health Practitioners

Transformative Care Practices for Mental Health Practitioners

Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout are depleting our spirits, overwhelming our minds, and exhausting our bodies.

Having been in this field for over 25 years, I know all too well the toll it takes not just to our own well-being but our families and communities wellbeing too.

Honoring and prioritizing your wellness is not selfish!

By creating a practice of self-preservation, one is better equipped to support others and contribute to social change for the long haul, in a joyous and sustainable way.

Taking better care of ourselves paves the way for the transformation of our communities and our planet.

Tending to our grieving Corazon a Restorative Practice for Therapists:

A Weekend Nature Based Retreat

 November 2023

Join us for an experiential retreat including Ritual and Ceremony, Journaling, Mindfulness practices, expressive arts, and deep reflection. We will immerse ourselves in a nurturing experience with fellow mental health practitioners, exploring daily practices that support our bodies, hearts and minds towards feeling grounded and connected to our roots all while tending to our grief.

coaching packages

1:1 Coaching & Guidance

Ready to create loving boundaries and begin to offer your medicine from a place of ease and joy? Join me for private 1:1 coaching services.

  • Clear intuitive guidance in developing your plan for wellness and restoration. Establish daily selfcare rhythms alligned with your true essence
  • Guided exercises to regulate nervous system and embody your innate gifts
  • Accountability partner to keep you focused and engaged in your wellness and personal growth
  • Learn to ease into the natural rhythms and cycles of your body for restoration
online group coaching

Online Group Coaching

Do you thrive in a group paradigm with the opportunity to deep dive with others? Join a supported online coaching group.

  • Collectively explore and learn from others in mutually supportive environment
  • Overcome isolation, overwhelm, burnout, and create community
  • Collaborative peer group development and accountability
  • Develop meaningful network systems and future Comadres

Our nature-based Heal the Healer retreats support reconnection to your ancestral roots. Created for small groups of 6-15.

  • Dive deep into the teachings of the 4 elements and Ancestral practices based on Nahua Indigenous teachings
  • Decolonize old paradigms and reframe your narrative of who you are, connecting to your intuition and medicine within
  • Enriching nature-based exercises and stress recovery, through ceremony and ritual

As a coach, I center my practice to support:

Xicanx/Latinx Social Workers, Mental Health Therapists, Community Healers, and Birthworkers

So many of us are experiencing compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, or burnout. My role as your coach is to help you remember your heart song, restore your joy, and ensure that your healing work is sustainable and transformative.

YOLLOTL CUICATL: Nahuatl for Heart Song-captures the essence of my work.

from my clients...

Welcome. I’m Emilia.

Psychotherapist, Coach, Mentor, Cultural Practitioner & mama to a spirited 11 year old.

Here's what I know...

My wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of my community.

I am unable to hold space and advocate for social change if I am exhausted, depleted, and feeling used and abused by the same systems of oppression I am trying to dismantle. I need that fire in my belly to burn bright, and light the way for personal and collective transformation.

I learned this big lesson the hard way...

I know firsthand the importance of self-preservation, of caring for our mind, body, and spirit as healers.

I suffer from a chronic autoimmune disease that was brought on by working too much, by exerting my body and mind to the max. I thought it was my obligation and duty to work night and day for the wellbeing of the community. I soon realized this self-sacrifice was not serving the community at all. I was suffering from Savior Complex big time! Unfortunately, this came with major consequences for both my physical and mental health.

Sound familiar?

Lessons from my personal decolonizing journey:

In my personal decolonizing journey, I have learned that my wellbeing is connected to all our relations. In Tloke Nahuake, we are sacred, we are connected to all living things in nature. Understanding this universal truth has been transformational for my personal healing and has informed my work as a mental health practitioner.

I have learned that my worth is not connected to the amount of work I produce or how efficient I am with deliverables. My worth comes from within my heart and spirit, my innate gifts, that Heart Song I share with the world.

That inner knowing that I have a sacred purpose; a vision and mission that is unique to this journey.

With the elements as my guides: fire, earth, water and air and my ancestors beside me, I humbly offer my guidance.

My work is grounded in liberatory healing and cultural revitalization through the use of ancestral medicine and somatic awareness.

With over 25 years of community mental health experience, as a community organizer, program manager, and mental health clinician, I am grounded and ready to support your journey into restorative healing for lasting change.

Ancestral Wisdom

  • Elements as guides for wellness
  • Foster relationship with Nature through hands-on exercises
  • Connecting to your ancestral roots and innate knowing


  • Self-Care is Community-Care
  • Cultivate Self Awareness (What are my needs? What makes my heart sing? What is my heart song?)
  • Regulating nervous system through restorative somatic practices
  • Trauma informed embodied stress reduction practices

Healing Justice

  • Decolonizing social constructs and narratives
  • Work through internalized oppression and inferiority complex issues
  • Liberation from the inside out and community engagement