Individual and Couples Counseling


We offer a nurturing and safe space to work through your emotional distress using various holistic approaches to individual counseling such as meditations, visualizations, mind body exercises, art therapy, and journaling. In addition, we have extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy, which are two evidence based therapeutic interventions that have shown to be effective. Our therapeutic approach is grounded in a trauma informed, social justice framework, we are fully aware of how social, political, and economic conditions contribute to the emotional and mental distress in our communities.

Common issues we work with:

  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Adjusting to parenthood
  • Life transitions/changes
  • Discrimination/racism/oppression
  • LGBTQI Issues
  • Relationship Problems
  • Parenting issues
  • Job Stress
  • Loss or grief
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Mother daughter wounds
  • Self-esteem/Body Image issues
Riverside Individual Counseling

You don’t have to struggle alone, let us walk this journey with you……


Couples counseling can help you identify the obstacles that are getting in the way of creating and cultivating a nourishing healthy relationship.

Let us help you...

  • Discover and learn about your attachment style/love language
  • Learn how to nurture and still be your own person
  • Learn to communicate and feel more connected
  • Re-Build safety and trust after infidelity
  • Move past old wounds
  • Build coping skills for problem solving together
Riverside couples counseling


Premarital Counseling sessions provide you with an opportunity to enrich your relationship before marriage and learn healthy ways to deal with conflict and challenges that inevitably will arise in marriage. It’s a valuable opportunity to explore each other’s differences, values, hopes and dreams.

Let us help you...

  • Explore fears about intimacy and commitment
  • Identify your relationship strengths and growth areas
  • Build solid communication skills
  • Resolve conflicts in a loving respectful manner
  • Strengthen your relationship bond
  • Explore your relationship and family of origin
Premarital Counseling


LCSW Owner/Clinical Director

My holistic approach to healing addresses the whole person mind, body, heart, and spirit. I offer a safe space to grieve, feel, and heal. My therapeutic work incorporates various traditional indigenous wisdom, and eastern wellness teachings along with evidence based psychotherapy techniques such as CBT and EMDR. In addition, I bring a social justice framework into my healing practice addressing the historical trauma many have experienced due to the social, cultural, and political inequalities that to this day continue to negatively affect the mental and emotional wellness of families and communities.


Maru Serricchio



I am a licensed marital and family therapist, board certified art therapist and AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and growing up in Mexico City, I have a diverse background and use a multi-systemic lens throughout all my professional roles. Currently I am focused on my PhD in International Psychology, with a concentration in Organization and Systems, at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. After working in various community agencies, in Los Angeles and Portland, with children, teenagers and families, in 2013 I began my art therapy private practice.  I worked with couples and families experiencing loss and grief, LGBTQI+, Intimate Partner Violence and immigration issues and dynamics. I use mindfulness in my practice as a way to enhance learning, self-care and guide others to meet their full potential.

Priscilla Rodriguez



I received my MSW degree from California State University San Bernardino with my specialization being in mental health. I have previous experience working with children and adults in different settings on issues regarding mental health. Taking care of your mental health is extremely important, and I believe everyone should have access to mental health services. Sometimes we may need a little help, and that is okay! I am bilingual in Spanish and English, and offer services in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner for individuals and families in the Inland Empire.